Friday, June 13, 2008

Oh my Oh my.

First Name : Jarir
Nickname : jarir,aer.
Birthday : 1st july 1990
Birthplace : Hospital Pusat Rawatan Islam Jalan Ipoh, KL.
Time of Birth : 1.17 am
Zodiac sign : cancer

--This or That--
Flower or Chocolate : chocolate.especially cadbury
Pepsi or Coke : pepsi
Rap or Rock : rock
Relationship or One Night Stand : rite now hmmmm.forget bout it.
School or Work : school laah wey.LOVE to broke school rules.
Love or Money : BOTH!
Movies or Music : both too.
Country or City : country,aman doh!
Sunny days or Rainy days : rainy days lah.TIDO LAYAN:)
Friends or Family : family comes first.haha.friends too!

--Have you ever--
Lied : sometimes
Broke someone's heart : yes.
Had your heart broken : yes.too many.
Wish you were a prince/princess : damn.never think about that.wish to be footballer adela:)
Liked someone who was taken : argh.never.
Shaved your head : yes.time umrah.
Been in love : yurp.form 2/3
Used chopsticks : selalu sgt bila makan yong tau fu.:)
Sang in the mirror to yourself : woooo.selalu doe.not just sang.berangan pon:)

Flower : bunga tahi ayam:).haha
Candy : mentos yougart !
Song : ......tet tet
Scent :
Color : red and green
Musical Instrument :
Movie : mcm2
Actor/Actress : george clooney and angelina jolie.
Junk food : pringles.mister potato(JOM JD IKAN.HAHA)
Animal : cat.

Ever cried over someone : yes
Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself : yes.become a better person than before.
Do you think you're attractive :'s nothing on me.
If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose :erk!.
Do you play any sports: football,futsal.

--List (8) random facts about yourself and tag (some) people--
// panas baran:)
// i have freaky faces(mcm url la):)
// wanted to go to MEKAH and MADINAH again.
// i want to spend my time with family and friends
// i cant wait to continue my studies.
// i want to be professional footballer.
// x sabar nak jadi uncle lah:)
// i hate people talks behind me.

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